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Crawford Drug was originally founded in the early 1900’s and has been serving the Dorchester community ever since. The pharmacy changed ownership a few times over the years, and has been in our family since 1975. During that time we have had three generations of pharmacists working behind the counter, helping our patients manage all of their health care needs.


Since 1975, we have always employed family and people from our neighborhood, truly making us a community pharmacy. Over the past three years we have been working very hard to modernize and update the pharmacy. We have invested in a new pharmacy software program, computers, and point of sale machine. All of these upgrades and changes allow us to better serve our patients in a welcoming and friendly pharmacy.




Mike graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston in 2010. After working for four years at one of the large chain stores as both a pharmacist and pharmacy manager, he returned to the family business in 2014. Mike has been with Crawford Drug for a total of over ten years including his time before and during college, and now back as a pharmacist.




Steve graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston in 1990 and has been working here at Crawford Drug as a pharmacist ever since. In 2013 Steve officially stepped into the role of pharmacy manager. Including the years Steve worked while in college, he has been serving our neighborhood for over 30 years.



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